Wolf Pack Street Jam

30 Aug 11:43

STRESS “Wolf Pack” jam was nuts! So much crazy tricks, bails and prize money($1,5k).

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Sasha Aksen - Welcome to the team

16 Aug 10:44

We proudly present you our new team rider - Sasha Aksenov. Here is his welcome video that was filmed in 5 days. This guy has much talent and abilities.

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Max, Igor and Sergey in Barcelona!

13 Jul 15:40

Right after Simple Session Bespaliy Brothers and Sergey Nogaev went to Barcelona for a trip and filmed a solid video for you guys. Click the play button and enjoy!

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22 May 11:24

New Bespaliy Brothers split edit. The most tech and famous twins in the world! Take a seat and enjoy the video!

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Vlad Smetanka for STRESS

25 Apr 14:20

Vlad Smetanka welcome video for STRESS flow team. This guy is really good and can bring some hit on the streets.

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Valentin Cotot - Welcome to the Family!

14 Feb 14:46

We happy to announce that Valentin Cotot is now riding for STRESS in France via BMX Avenue. This guy is god damn good on a bike!

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Sim Jerome bikecheck

17 Jan 15:18Small uploads 2f1516191435198 vu5yj86rbkh a625c6e8e9794db1c415632025e16c88 2f1515248995035

Sim Jerome bikecheck

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Vlad Smetanka - Welcome to the Team

28 Nov 14:43Small uploads 2f1511869440629 i6g4fsh9ttp e129b327cd43dd860f4033d2d29022e6 2f d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2 d0 b2

We proudly present our new flow team rider. Vlad Smetanka is a new recruit of our team from Saint Petersburg. You will see his riding really soon and be sure he doesn't disappoint you.

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Alexey Maltsev bike check

25 Oct 15:49Small uploads 2f1508935805059 7m55h30jbnt 84fe20bf7e3d6f4df8850a89b4076916 2f9

Right before Alexey Maltsev moved to BCN for a trip he did a bike check for you guys.

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14 Oct 13:54

Video recap from STRESS x PRAVDA jam. Big crew of riders and solid tricks.

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Why STRESS frames are best?!

14 Oct 13:43

This is the story of a carefree guy Mitya, who mistakenly made the wrong choice, but expert in choosing the frames Sergey Nogaev in his Novosibirsk style with the help of the Bespaliy brothers, explained to him what's what.

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Igor Bespaliy Bike Check

31 Aug 12:06

Igor Bespaliy quick bike check with some ledge tech tricks!

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Sergey Nogaev Bike Check

11 Aug 09:00

Here is a quick bike check of our flow rider Sergey Nogaev. Sergey runs The Crew 2017 frame with other STRS parts. Bike looks dialed as his riding too.

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STRESS The Crew Frame promo

26 Jul 20:27

Here is a little promo of The Crew 2017 frame. For this year we've shortened chainstay to 12,9", and rised standover to 9,1".

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Ivan Nikolaev won Street Series in Moscow

26 Jul 20:17Small uploads 2f1501089477192 5jrthsq3l96 4b83841e3e85d82dd7eb5c8c33e23fe2 2fzpsovrxwtba

Ivan Nikolaev won Street Series in Moscow. We gave The Crew Frame to Petya Sokolov for his tricks that day. Also our flow rider Max Poddubskiy got some prize money and stuff.

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Bespaliy Twins in Montpellier

12 Jul 11:12

Last month the Bespaliy Twins had a two weeks trip to Montpellier. Guys had a good time and filmed a lot of tech moves. Enjoy.

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Max Bespaliy signature line promo

08 Jun 17:53

This is what you have all been waiting for. Promo video for Max Bespaliy signature STRS BES line - frame and seat. Max always bring some fire in his edits.

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06 Jun 14:43

Video recap from PRAVDA - STREET GLORY jam. A lot of riders, spots and tricks. Plus to other Pravda prizes we decided to give some Plastid pegs for best grinds.

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16 May 11:47

ANTEATER X STRESS collab video filmed in the streets of Saint-Petersburg with our pro Alexey Maltsev.

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16 May 11:35

Stress "CATSPIRACY" seat promo with Leo Balay.

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Pavel Parfenchuk - One Day in skatepark

16 May 11:26

One day edit from Pavel Parfenchuk in RedCat skatepark. Check it!

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Nikita Zharkov - favorite trick

16 May 10:58

Nikita Zharkov talks about his riding and favorite trick. Thanks Riders for the video.

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Max Poddubskiy - Welcome to STRS

16 May 10:52

Max Poddubskiy welcome to STRS crew edit. This young man don't waste his time on trifles. Check it!

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16 May 10:43

Part of our crew decided to test a brand new Moscow skatepark Yolo. See first what came out of this.

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LEO BALAY Bike Check

09 Oct 17:09

Leo Balay video bikecheck. So much style in every single clip. Watch it!

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